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About us

Originating from the hotel business-restoration sector, from the age of 18 I have focused my energy in advancing my knowledge of wine, by studying oenology. Fascinated and passionate about wine, I approached the world of wine through its endless angles.

I have worked as a wine Waiter in an internationally recognized gourmet restaurants in France and abroad. Enhancing my expertise in this sector by taking part in a cellar master course in Bordeaux.

One of my most valuable experiences was the managing of a famous Parisian cellar for a period of 3 years, during which time I also had the opportunity to work as an animator at a wine tasting club.

Being curious by nature and wishing to share my deep passion of wine, I then decided to put my love and understanding of wine to use, by taking on my current entrepreneurial adventure. Working as buyer and starting up an e-commerce site focused solely on wine and champagne.

This new direction allowed me to maintain my well established relationships with wine producers in the form of undertaking partnerships. But it also gave me the ability to continue to enrich my knowledge and cultivate my love of wine.

Wine exists for our pleasure.

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