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Customers testimonials

Mike C. It was pure fun to listen to Stephane. Mike C.   US
It was pure fun to listen to Stephane and even in between a little bit an experience of group working and competition.

Deborah Z. It has been a fun session! Deborah Z.   Duke.C.E London
Again, thank you so much for accepting the invitation to come and spend time with us. It has been a fun session after a long and intense day J.

Vincent D. It was well entertaining and I have laughed more than expected. Vincent D.   France
It was well entertaining and I have laughed more than expected. I am French but not born in a wine country so I always find interesting to learn how to discover new wines and especially how to taste them. This was also very entertaining.

Claire I learned a lot about the wine. I love it! Claire   France
Des "pairings" innovants et surprenants, un plaisir ! It's a different way to experience Paris and to discover the French gastronomy. I learned a lot about the wine. I love it!

Kira M Our cheese and wine class was the best! Kira M   Tripadvisor
We took a class on pairing wine & cheese on our last day in Paris, from the very smart (and quite handsome) Stefan. It was one of the highlights of our trip to Patis. We'd been trying cheeses all week long, and I only wish we had taken this class sooner. It gave such a context to the cheeses we'd been eating and learning about the different families as well as why they taste the way they do was fascinating. Stefan also knew so much about France and the history behind these foods. Stefan was one of the very best things about the class. He made the history come alive, and he was funny and so passionate and full of pride. I wish we'd taken a few more classes while we were in Paris. To me, there is no better way to understand countries than tought their food. Especially France.

Shmaya Fun and educational! Shmaya   Tripadvisor
We signed up for the wine & cheese class. We were greeted by Stefan and had a wonderful time lasting wines and matching them with cheeses. Stefan made the entire process fun while also teaching you about the different wine regions in France. Charcuterie was also served along with fresh bread. He had "the winner" of the day open up a bottle of champagne with a sword !! The entire experience was wonderful and we highly recommend it !

Virginia Behind the scenes of French wine tasting! Highly recommend! Virginia   Tripadvisor
As a wine enthusiast, I signed up for the wine tasting class at Le Foodist and I could not have had a better introduction to the nuances of French wine! Over a couple of highly entertaining and useful hours, we learned how to identify wines from all regions of France using all fives senses (yes, as I learned, there is a place for hearing and touch when it comes to wines). The friendly, small group environment was very conducive to conversation and allowed everyone to understand the story behind the wine rather than simply going through one glass after the next. I would highly recommend this as a personalized and unconventional experience in the heart of old Paris!

sally M. Fantastic Wine and Cheese pairing lunch sally M.   London
My boyfriend, his sister and I were bought the Wine and Cheese pairing as a treat for Christmas and we went on Saturday. It was fantastic, I really can't fault it. Stephane was the perfect balance of knowledgeable and entertaining without being the slightest bit patronising to our ignorance. We all came away in great spirits (no doubt thanks to the delicious wine) and having learnt a lot. Also an extra thanks for Stephane for speaking great English only for our benefit as everyone else in the room were French speakers! A really really great afternoon which I would recommend to anyone looking for a treat whilst in Paris. Many thanks to Stephane.

Jessie F. Very warm ambiance and an interactive introduction to wine. I would have liked to hear more personal stories. Jessie F.   NY
Very warm ambiance and an interactive introduction to wine. I would have liked to hear more personal stories, but overall it was a terrific evening. Although I have never done anything similar, the ambiance was excellent and the atmosphere was especially welcoming for Paris.

Katia.G The pairings were sensational. Katia.G   Australia
The pairings were sensational. I have long wondered whether wine/cheese pairing was truly relevant but I really had a revelation during this event! It was amazing to see the difference and effect the right choices have on the appreciation of each element.

B. Spacey Superbe! B. Spacey   Tripadvisor
If you're going to do one thing in Paris, do this. We were lucky enough to take part in cheese and wine pairing lunch. Only on Sunday's I believe. Led by Stefan, a master sommelier, it was interesting, very entertaining & enjoyable. His passion for wine and gastronomy was infectious. There was 5 of us in total. It was fun from beginning to end, not uptight or stuffy at all. Really can't recommend enough.

Marie A. Educational and fun! Marie A.   Phoenix
Husband and I did the 5 wine + champagne blind tasting. Sommelier Stephane was great -- we really got a good feel for French wine regions and of course had lots of fun drinking. Highlight was sabering champagne - definitely something we will try again at home to impress our neighbors. Only suggestion is to add a booklet or pamphlet summarizing learnings because so much great info was shared. Would highly recommend this class/ tasting!

P.Archi Fabulous wine and cheese pairings with Stephane! P.Archi   Tulsa
Had the most wonderful wine and cheese pairing experience with Stephane. We not only were able to sample some of the most delicious wines and cheeses France has to offer but Stephane taught us so much about why the French are so proud of this part of their culture. Only complaints...wish they sold the wine map of France Stephane used to explain the origins of the various wines and cheeses and wish that we could have brought Stephane back to the U.S. with us!

Paula C. I loved this class! Paula C.   Tripadvisor
It was fun and educational. I learned about wines, cheeses and cooking. I would do this again. The chef was very friendly.

Berry S. Wonderful food and wine experience in Paris! Berry S.   Tripadvisor
I recently attended the cheese and wine pairing class at Le Foodist and enjoyed it very much. We learned a lot and the presentation by Stephane was fast paced and fun. This was my second time, having previously attended the market shopping and cooking class with Fred, who is a great teacher and a great teller of stories about French cooking and culture. I would highly recommend the classes they offer to anyone with an interest in learning more about food and wine in this most delightful city.

Wanderluzt Fun and delicious Wanderluzt   San Francisco
My friend and I took the wine and cheese tasting class and it was perfection! Stephane was hilarious, entertaining, and super knowledgeable. The wines and cheese provided were top notch. They also have cooking classes. I will definitely be taking a cooking class there when I return.

An Amazing Afternoon of Wine and cheese!    
We couldn't have enjoyed our wine and cheese pairing with Sephane! We loved learning about the different wine regions of France and the pairing of local cheeses, terrior and interesting stories of the history of cheese. Our last drink was champagne and sabering the cork was amazing!! Thanks very much for an interesting and fun afternoon!

A.Coombs Stéphane was brilliant A.Coombs   Pixie in Franc blog
So enjoyed this Paris Wine and Cheese tasting with a grand finale! Besides endless pairings of wine and cheese from the Bordeaux, Alsace and Saint-Émilion areas ......just when did you last open your champagne with a sabre? Stéphane was brilliant and got to walk home along the Seine in the just arrived sunshine! FUN! Find this great experience at Le Foodist!

Ian Clarke it was WONDERFUL! Ian Clarke   USA
We just had a wine tasting class - France in 6 Glasses - it was WONDERFUL! Stephane taught us about French wine with exceptional examples of different wines accompanied with stories we will remember forever. We didn't think we really liked white wine - and we walked away looking forward to our next opportunity to try it. The selection of Reds were amazing. We will be back again, and will be bringing others with us.

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