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Wine Making Academy®

The Wine Making Academy® is designed to offer an innovative and original styled team building training, where you are given the opportunity to make your own wine. The aim of the training, is for your wine to win the best wine prize and avoid being named the "undrinkable plonk" which is selected by a blind wine tasting ... You are the owners of an imaginary winery in the South of France producing a large selection of different grape-varieties. You will also have to create your own label and find a name for your future domaine.

The Wine Making Academy® is a playful activity that will develop you’re the work provided in your team, the cohesion and communication between each participant. This animation also allows you to develop and create a new product while enhancing the commercial and marketing strategy of your team.

This activity is specific to the creation of French red wine however, we can also offer you a Wine Making Prestige of wine from Bordeaux with the creation of a great wine Margaux. The Explanation of the Négoce Bordelais and the prestige of your wine will be evaluated like Robert Parker own way.

« Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing. »

— Ernest Hemingway

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