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Champ'Academy® allows for an innovative, focused team building that will fill your heads up with new knowledge from the inside of champagne cellars. Put into a group, you will work within your team in order to create your own wine by assembling a number of varieties of Champagne. The next step is to make your own personalized label. Once completed you will submit your very own bottle of modern champagne and your method to immediately see the potential of your vintage wine. The champagne is selected by a blind tasting, in which all participants take part in choosing la "champagne" made designate the "Grand Cru Finesse" but also "the Sparkling undrinkable." The final touch to this unique experience is a sabrage of Nice Champagne house being assembled for everyone's eyes and the palate to feast on.

« In success you deserve it and in defeat, you need it. »

— Winston Churchill

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