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15 good medicinals reasons to taste wine in 2015

Wine is a part of our culture and heritage. I advice you to taste it with moderation but always with pleasure. Furthermore this wonderful product has medicinals effects, i give you 15 good reasons to taste it for 2015 ! 15 good medicinals reasons to taste wine in 2015

" The wine is the healthiest and the most hygienic beverage. " Louis Pasteur

1) Diet Champagne

Champagne has less 10 calories per glass than non sparkling wines. It’s the only beverage which give beauty to women and give them stars in their eyes.

2) Overweight’s solution 

Wine is a solution for fighting overweight and anorexia. In a study, 13 cl of wine was given during a main dinner or before sleeping. We can see that the loose of weight average was twice more important. Why ? Because of reduction of anxiety and the wellness brang by the tasting.

3) The sleep

The melatonin (sleeping’s hormone) contained in red wine help people who suffer from sleeping disorders. It regulates the biological clock and makes the falling asleep more easier. The melatonin also possesses antioxidizing properties.

4) Benefits for the brain

The polyphenol, same family of antioxidant, mainly contained in red wine has a protective effect against the Alzheimer's disease and the degeneration of the brain.

5) Longevity 

Observations about the polyphenol’s benefits (family of antioxidant) on the health, thanks of studies done about biologicals effects on animals, showed an increase of the lifetime. I don’t tell you one tasted bottle of wine give you one more day to live.

6) Cholesterol

Polyphenol and saponines (antioxydant) contained in red wine decrease the rate of the cholesterol. After analyses, Zinfandel and Shiraz vines have it more than others red vines and white vines like Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

7) Breast cancer


Moderating consumption of red wine decreases the risk of breast cancer. On the contrary, more than 1 or 2 alcoholic beverages everyday increase the risk, so be careful and i advice you to taste it with moderation.

8) Prostate cancer

Consumption of 4 glasses of red wine per week decreases 50% of risk to have this kind of cancer.

9) Lung cancer

Scientifics of the Saint Jacques de Compostelle University in Spain showed the fact to drink one glass of red wine per day decreases 13% of risk to have the lung cancer.

10) Stronger bones

Bones are more thick by men and women who consume wine with moderation. Bones are more heavy against fractures.

11) Cardioprotective effect

Polyphenol and others antioxydant contained in red wine decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

12) Anti-inflammatory effect

The polyphenol anti-inflammatory properties contribute to a good health because lot of disorders come from combusting.

13) Cold

Spanish scientifics showed the consumption of 2 glasses of red wine per day decrease 40% the risk to have a « cold » versus the others people don’t drink it. The symptoms are reduced by the moderation consumption. A great possibility, that something in the wine reinforce our immune.

14) Sulphites

About the sticker « contained sulphites » : Do you know, everyday  your body produces sulphites too? In 24h, your body gives enough sulphites for labeling 100 bottles of wine.

15) Rate of mortality less important

People who love wine and drink it often, have a rate of mortality less than 34% versus other people who drink beer and stronger alcohol.

Monday, April 06 2015
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