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Do you know the difference between whisky and whiskey?

There is whisky and whiskey. What is the difference? Do you know the difference between whisky and whiskey?

During the 19th century, for the Scottish, the word "whisky" was an alcohol of mediocre quality distilled without talents in stills such as Coffey. Around 1870, the Irish distillers decided to add an "e" to the name of their production to distinguish it when they exported it to the United States.

This name hasn’t evolved since.  The word “whiskey” remains used mostly in the United States and Ireland when the other countries, Scotland and Japan on top,  (but also Canada and Sweden) favour the use of the word “whisky”.

The last data coming from the International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR) show that the sales of whiskey should win 4,7% between 2015 and 2020, mostly because of a growing interest in the emerging markets. All in all, almost three quarters of this consumption rise will come from the Indian market where 98% of this market is dominated by the locally produced whiskey. In Europe, the sales of this kind of spirits should also gain ground to win 5,3% in the United Kingdom, 3% in France and 1,6% in Germany at the same time.

Outside Europe, a most important growth should mark the markets from now until 2020 especially in Nigeria, Japan and in the United States where the sales have raised from about 6% between 2009 and 2014.

The Irish whiskey benefit from a certain degree of popularity, it has registered a growth of 11% between 2009 and 2014. It is the greatest raise recorded by a spirit on this period worldwide.

You now know the difference between whisky and whiskey; you will not be able to make any mistakes!

Friday, July 01 2016
Wine World

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