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Rosé wine teddy bears

Summer is coming, a time with long evenings on the terrace or on the seashore with glasses of good rosé wine. What if you are getting bored of drinking rosé, will you try to taste it in another form? Rosé wine teddy bears

The American candy shop Sugarfina has created candies brewed with Whispering angel Rosé? This shop is specialised in the making of candies for “adults” offering various and unusual flavour such as bourbon toffees or Vintage Dom Pérignon teddy bears.


Sugarfina has developed two creations with rosé called “Rosé all day” (in the shape of a teddy bear) and “Yes Way Rosé” (in the shape of a rose).

Do not worry about the alcohol content of these little candies because the alcohol disperses itself during the cooking. The candies are produced in Europe and have a soft taste of strawberry, perfect for a summer aperitif. They had a dazzling success, two hours after the opening; the shop was out of stock. The demand is so high that even for online purchases, you have to register to a waiting list. If you are patient, do not hesitate to taste them, it is a very interesting experience !

Tuesday, July 05 2016
Wine World

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