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Wine Show

What is the Wine Show ?

First of all, the Wine show is the top event of Winebysteph!

It is an interactive and ludic Show where you will discover the art of wine tasting; this activity will awake your senses. The cultural travel trough the different variety of grapes, the regional wine of France or of the world will give you all the tricks to speak about wine in society.

Finally, this blind tasting activity will help you to recognize a wine without tasting it!

Winebysteph offers you a didactic Wine Show but also the well-known Champagne Show to animate your appetizer or your dinner.

To conclude your evening, you can also have an initiation of spirits with the Spirits Show!

All theses different shows are available for everyone, educational for the beginners, professional for the experts and pleasant for every occasion!

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« A bottle of wine begs to be shared; I have never met a miserly wine lover. »

— Clifton Fadiman

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